Health Center Banovici (HCB) was established with the development of the Municipality Banovici, intensively since 1946. Since then, continuously working on the development of health care in Banovici. The enthusiasm and dedication of our staff medical institution to survive and build the trust of the population.
Today HCB has more than 60 employees serving about 22,000 inhabitants in the municipality of Banovici. During the last war HCB treated a large number of refugees from the areas that were occupied, mostly from the region Podrinje. At that time we had an obligation to treat a larger population.
HCB used objects that should adapt to the clinic, we have become the global standards. Procurement of equipment we constantly but we find it difficult to follow the same trend of development in the world. Lack of funds caused by the economic crisis, high unemployment and the financial collapse of the country. So, HCB be investment in the renovation or expansion of existing buildings. Current funds are not sufficient for investment in the reconstruction or to buy new equipment for the work.

These are high priority items that HCB needs to function properly and to provide safe and quality services to patients:
The building - a central object in Banovici in need of renovation and expansion. There is an urgent need to replace the windows, warming the walls, lift for patients and staff, and other construction works.

The autoclave sterilizers - immediately HCB used "dry-heat" High heat sterilization of these sterilizers causing further damage to the already worn-out instruments, especially the material for bandaging.

Table for spinal immobilization (for children and adults)
Stifneck select collar to immobilize the cervical spine - (. For children, adjustable in three sizes and for adults, adjustable in four sizes)
Splint immobilization - (Spencer spine Split, pneumatic splint and complete immobilization splint kit.)
X-ray (Röntgen) chamber for recording
The dental chair unit and dental instruments.
Therapeutic ultrasound for physical therapy.
Gynecological examination table and gynecological instruments
A patient examination table
Surgical instruments (needle holders, clamps, anatomical and surgical tweezers, scissors, etc.) and surgical dressing drums for minor surgery.
Vaccine storage units - (refrigerator and thermometer)
Portable vaccine refrigerators - cold chain
Power sprays and atomizer - measures for disinfection and disinfestation
Kidney trays and sterilization
Safety equipment (gloves, masks, goggles, waterproof aprons, raincoats, rubber boots, helmets, lamps, protective footwear)
Medical and non-medical uniforms (Scrubs)
Aggregate - in case of unexpected power loss, which is not a rare case
Medical tents - in case of emergency
containers for storing water for emergencies and water filters
Chlorine comparator - measuring chlorine in water
Waiting chairs
Office furniture and accessories

In addition to these shortcomings, the biggest problem is the long distance (32 km) from HCB institutions of the Clinical Center in Tuzla. Critically ill patients are often transported in an adequate emergency hospital in Tuzla. With the current road infrastructure, it is an hour or often even more, to the hospital in Tuzla. Critical patients are at constant risk of being unable to reach Tuzla on time.

There is a big problem with the health system throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unfortunately, the system is very complex and it imposes certain illogical rules to all patients. Patients can exercise their primary health care only in the place of residence. In the event of a serious problem when requiring hospitalization, the patients have moved in those hospitals that fall under certain territorial division.

In some cases, they have already reduced the waiting time. The agreement was reached at a hospital in Tuzla to send, on certain days, experts from different medical areas to treat patients directly in Banovici. So, instead of hundreds of patients going to Tuzla, now several medical experts come in HCB.
All this is not enough to provide the best possible care. As listed above HCB needs many things to function normally.

We urge you all, to help HCB in any possible way you can.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Health Center Banovici